‘I just go like, bam’: Legend reveals simple move to check if he’s too far from ball

Vijay Singh, Darren Clarke

Vijay Singh demonstrates a tip to Darren Clarke ahead of this week's Champions Tour event.


Darren Clarke, even at 53 and with a major championship to his name, was tinkering. Ahead of this week’s Charles Schwab Cup Championship on the Champions Tour, he hit an iron on the range at Phoenix Country Club, lowered his club and looked at his ball a little longer than you normally would. He turned around. 

Clarke, even at 53 and with a major championship to his name, wasn’t above counsel, either.  

“Beauty there,” Vijay Singh said, then added: 

“Watch your distance also.”

A couple of things to note here. Yes, Singh is a three-time major winner and a hall of famer, so it’s not as if Clarke was listening to your buddy who tells you to keep your head down. And the best talking shop with the best is always worth a listen. (It was just about a year ago where we documented even 86-year-old Gary Player picking the brain of 81-year-old Jack Nicklaus on the golf swing.)   

In the video shared to the Champions Tour’s social media feeds, Singh was checking Clarke’s distance from the ball at address. Clarke stood over his ball again. 

“I used to be more right there, Veej,” Clarke said. 

Singh grabbed an iron. While a player’s distance from the ball is also based on their own comfortability, Singh showed he takes his right hand off the club and uses it to touch both his left hand and left thigh.

“I just go like, bam,” Singh said as he began his demonstration. 

“I’m here, not here, you know,” he continued. “If I put my thighs, I just kinda feel that way, you know. If I’m touching it, I’m good. If I can’t reach it then … So you should have kind of like … 

“One or two, yes,” Clarke said.

“Yeah, just whatever you feel comfortable,” Singh said. 

“Yeah, exactly, whatever it is,” Clarke said.  

Clarke turned to the camera. 

“Hall of Fame tips,” he said. 

Indeed. Clarke hit another ball. And the session between major winners continued. 

“There you go, that’s freaking ripped,” Singh said. 

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