Augusta National has rapidly turned into green playground in just 1 week

Augusta National has transformed into a green playground over the past week.

Eureka Earth

Save for one week per year, Augusta National is shrouded in mystery. Even though it seems like every golf fan knows the place backward and forward from watching TV coverage each spring, the reality is that there is lots we don’t know about the hallowed grounds. Augusta National is, by design, the epitome of privacy.

But as technology has become more and more sophisticated, so has the public’s ability to understand the ongoings inside the ivory towers on Washington Road, thanks to David Dobbins’ Eureka Earth. His service takes viewers to the skies above Augusta National and captures images of the hallowed grounds from thousands of feet above. The images always seem to blow up on social media as Twitter sleuths investigate the subtle changes that take place.

Augusta national photos
Augusta National’s offseason photos leave us with 5 burning questions
By: Dylan Dethier

A little over a week ago, a new crop of photos popped up, and it left us with lots of questions. What’s the status of No. 13? How will the lack of bleachers affect play this year? And when will the grass start to look green? The browned-out fairways and lack of color in the flowerbeds reminded us that Augusta isn’t always a utopia.

Oh what a difference a week can make. In photos released this morning, we got a glimpse of the Augusta we’re used to seeing. Out with the browned-out fairways, and in with a lush expanse of greenery. Augusta may not always be a utopia, but it sure seems like it can transform into one with the flip of a switch.

The course may not be in tournament-ready conditions just yet, but it doesn’t look too far off either. With the Masters just 40 days off, we’re sure to see even more transformation to the course. But until the first tee shots are struck on Nov. 12, we’ll have to be content with viewing it from the Georgia skies.

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