Queen Elizabeth’s $80,000 golf cart is nothing short of majestic

The Queen's new ride is as luxurious as golf carts get.

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England as a country is certainly not known for its golf carts. Rather, most golfers in England prefer to take in the game on foot, hoofing it for 18 holes. 

But even in a land where “buggies” aren’t appreciated, a golf cart can still make some news. Especially if Queen Elizabeth is aboard.

Her Royal Highness, at 95 going on 96, is reportedly dealing with mobility issues, requiring a cane in recent public appearances. But thanks to Mercedes and luxury golf cart brand Garia, she now has another mode of transport: a souped-up golf cart. 

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By: Paul Sullivan

Yes, this is my first time writing about the Queen, and, yes, it’s probably the first time she has graced the webpages of GOLF.com. But high-end golf carts deserve their time in the sun, and Elizabeth II’s new ride isn’t your standard club car, according to a report from The Sun. No, it doesn’t have room for clubs on the back and won’t be gracing the fairways anytime soon. It’s a 4-seater luxury box that, when cookin’, can reach up to 43 mph. Yes, that makes it street-legal.

But wait, there’s more! 

The cart reportedly includes a 10-inch TV screen, bluetooth speakers and a heated windshield for when things get frosty. And when it’s hot out, there’s also a mini fridge packed in nicely to the cart’s framework. Apologies — we don’t know the queen’s beverage of choice. And since you asked, yes, the seats recline.

Courtesy Garia

“It’s certainly fit for a Queen and hopefully it will help her fulfill her engagements,” an unnamed source told The Sun. “Everyone wants her to carry on for as long as possible being seen by the public.”

A cart like this is not going to come with a cheap price tag. According to reports, the ride was purchased two weeks ago in the price range of $80,000, or more accurately £62,000.

Fit for a queen, indeed!

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