‘Worst golfer I’ve ever seen’: This swing video could ruin your golf game

October 11, 2018
The video above shows once of the worst golf shots we've ever seen. Think twice before watching it.

What’s the worst golf swing you’ve ever seen? Get ready to reset the bar after you watch the cringe-worthy video below.

On Tuesday, LPGA pro Christina Kim shared a video on Twitter that has been bouncing around the internet. For some, the video might be painful to watch … or even “trigger anxiety,” as Kim jokingly tweeted.

The clip in question lasts one minute. Incredibly, the golfer’s pre-shot routine takes up 52 seconds… and he was already twitching and waggling before the video began. The cameraman plays narrator and notes that it’s a 115-yard par-3, and that the man on the tee box is “possibly the worst golfer I’ve ever seen in my life.”

A list of quirks found in this extraordinary pre-shot routine would be too long to reproduce here. So, I will spare you the ugly details. But be warned: you might want to stop watching before he finally takes the swing. (Also, there is some NSFW language.) The results could damage your golf psyche.

Golf is very much a game of mental confidence. You must have strong belief in the shot you’re about to make. If you stand over your golf ball for a minute, it doesn’t inspire much confidence. It’s unlikely that ball will fly where you intended.

In my humble opinion, this guy should try taking a Happy Gilmore-esque swipe at the ball.