WATCH: Fox steals golf ball off green, ruins hacker’s chip

August 23, 2018
A fox steals golf ball off green in Massachusetts

What are you supposed to do if a fox steals your golf ball in the middle of your round? Not much, apparently. Just watch and hope you brought enough backups.

This exact scenario played out at a Massachusetts golf course recently, and there’s footage to prove it.

According to MassLive, golfer Hank Downey was enjoying a round at Springfield Country Club in West Springfield, Mass., until the local wildlife interceded.

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In a video of the incident, the camera catches two foxes sitting beside the green. Once Downey hits his chip shot, one of the foxes jumps up and runs onto the green, picks up the ball in its mouth and runs away.

We’ll have to check with the Rules Guy for a complete ruling, but you can watch the bizarre moment below.