Use underhand tosses to dial in your short game distance control

February 22, 2017

Many golfers have trouble pitching the ball the right distance around the green, regardless of pin location. To improve your feel on these shots, try tossing the ball underhand to various targets around the green. Start with a target that’s close, then one in the middle of the green, and then one in the back.

You’ll probably be surprised by how close you can get the ball to each target. The reason for this accuracy? Your body is good at responding to what your eyes tell it. If the pin is tight and you have to bring the ball in high and soft, your arm motion will naturally be longer back and through.

If you need to toss the ball low, your motion will be tighter, and your right arm will finish much lower. On the course, simply imagine that you’re making the same-sized motion you’d use to toss the ball underhand to that particular target. Picture the trajectory for each shot in your mind’s eye, then let your mind and your sense of feel do the rest.