These healthy golf course snacks will improve your focus

April 20, 2017

With menus heavy on burgers and booze, golf courses don’t generally have your best nutritional interests in mind. If you’re serious about going low, take control of what you eat, both before and during your round. This tasty plan, developed by University of Alabama dietitian Amy Bragg, is your very own snack-attack on sluggish performance. You’ll lose strokes—and perhaps a few pounds, too.


Eat a piece of whole fruit—an apple, banana or pear—to top off your fuel tank before teeing off. And drink plenty of water so you’ll be well hydrated.


Trail mix (with nuts and dried fruits) is packed with carbs, healthy fat and protein, fueling you through the turn. Stay hydrated with Gatorade or Propel water.


Mid-round crash? Improve your stamina and focus with a nutrition bar—Kind, Clif or Nature Valley. Each offers the protein, fiber and carbs you need to power through the last six holes. And keep drinking water, minus the Scotch (at least until the 19th hole).


Bring it home with a Rice Krispies treat or a chocolate milk (16 ounces max). Hey, you’ve earned it!