Screen 2 for glide, spin or launch: Forearm length

Hold your right arm at your side, then hinge your forearm up, as if you’re hitching for a ride. Have your friend compare the length of your right forearm to your right upper arm using a tape measure or alignment stick (as Mike is doing above). Use the guidelines below to determine if you’re built for gliding, spinning or launching.

If your forearm is longer than your upper arm, score a point for gliding.A longer forearm tends to elevate the club to a more upright position at the top, requiring glide to lower and slot it coming down.

If your forearm and upper arm are the same length, score a point for spinning. In these screens, any “neutral” test result is a match for using rotational force as your primary swing engine.

If your forearm is shorter than your upper arm, score a point for launching. A shorter forearm tends to create a flatter position at the top. Only by launching can you create the steepness you need to catch shots flush.