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Hank Haney takes to Twitter to question legality of Bernhard Langer’s putting style

May 31, 2017

When the governing bodies put the anchoring ban into effect in 2016, many wondered how it would impact one of the superstars of the senior circuit: Bernhard Langer. ​

Not much, it seems. 

Langer, who anchored a broom-stick style putter to his chest for much of his senior tour days, had a solution: He simply moved the putter a few inches away from his chest, eliminating the anchoring point. If his results are any indication, he hasn’t missed a beat since the ban went into effect, recording 15 top-five finishes, including seven wins, four of which were majors.

But is his stroke legal?

A video clip tweeted by Tiger Woods’s former swing coach Hank Haney appears to show Langer’s forearm touching his chest during his latest victory at the Senior PGA Championship. Under rule 14-1b, this action would be considered anchoring. You be the judge.

Below you’ll find the video and an infographic explaining rule 14-1b.

When asked earlier this year about the stroke, Langer told Golfworld’s Tim Rosaforte: “I am aware of my left arm and hand, and my hand is definitely not touching my body. I anchor when I address and then move my hand away from the chest, till it is not touching anymore.”
GOLF.com has reached out to the USGA for its response to this video.