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Private Golf Lessons: Make Windy Putting a Breeze

July 5, 2016

For Low-Handicappers: You play well but want to shave those last few strokes off your handicap

When most golfers think about the wind, they’re primarily interested in how it affects the flight of their ball. But wind can also affect the roll of your ball. Last year’s British Open at St. Andrews, for example, was delayed several times when winds gusting close to 40 miles per hour caused balls to roll off the green. Just marking the ball proved to be a challenge.

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When putting in the wind, it’s easy to become distracted and lose your concentration — not to mention your balance. The key is to anchor yourself to the ground and stabilize your stance. Take your normal putting address position, then spread your feet wide, so that your heels are outside your shoulders. Now grip down on the putter so that your fingers are almost touching the metal portion of the shaft. These adjustments will lower your body’s center of gravity, helping you stay “connected” to the ground and making it easier to putt with stability and confidence.