Golf Tips: How to Eliminate the Chicken Wing Lead Arm

May 29, 2016

Hitting the ball with a bent left elbow (a.k.a. “chicken-winging”) is for the birds—and it won’t lead to birdies. It saps swing power and sends the ball off to the right. And to fix it, you need to do more than extend that elbow. Follow these three easy steps to lose that wing and launch shots dead straight. (Call it my original recipe.)


From the top, flex your knees. This is subtle—it should feel as though you’re about to sit on a bar stool, with your feet sinking into the ground.


At impact, reverse your knee flex. Try to “stand up” without losing your tilt toward the ball. The key? Push off the ground with your feet.


The force created by standing helps you snap your arms straight, “throwing” the club at the ball. No more wings (until the 19th hole.)