Here’s the insane FedEx Cup bonus money that will be handed out at the Tour Championship

FedEx Cup trophy

The winner of the FedEx Cup gets a lot more than a cool trophy.

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The FedEx Cup playoff format is cut-throat for a reason — getting into the Tour Championship field at East Lake is extremely lucrative for the talented 30 players who qualify to tee it up at the PGA Tour’s season finale every year. And with the newly-instated format that started last year, every player in the field theoretically has a chance of winning the FedEx Cup title, though the top-seeded players are given a significant head-start over everyone else.

But just how much money they stand to make will blow your mind.

The winner of the Tour Championship will pocket a whopping $15 million, while second-place will take home $5 million. In fact, every player who finishes in the top 8 will earn over $1 million in bonus money.

Twentieth-place and above will get over $500,000 in bonuses, while the player who finishes in last (30th) gets $395,000 — about the same amount as an average Tour player would get over the course of a whole season for finishing last in every event.

If your head hasn’t already exploded, consider this — the guys who are competing in the Tour Championship have already made millions during the regular season. Billy Horschel, the 30th-ranked player in the field heading into the Tour Championship, made $2.38 million during regular-season play, while Dustin Johnson — the No. 1 seed — banked over $5.83 million.

A victory at the Tour Championship for DJ means he would gross an eye-popping $20.8 million for the year — not too shabby for 14 official tournaments!

Check out the FedEx Cup bonus breakdown for each finisher at East Lake below.

FedEx Cup payout breakdown

1. $15,000,000
2. $5,000,000
3. $4,000,000
4. $3,000,000
5. $2,500,000
6. $1,900,000
7. $1,300,000
8. $1,100,000
9. $950,000
10. $830,000
11. $750,000
12. $705,000
13. $660,000
14. $620,000
15. $595,000
16. $570,000
17. $550,000
18. $535,000
19. $520,000
20. $505,000
21. $490,000
22. $478,000
23. $466,000
24. $456,000
25. $445,000
26. $435,000
27. $425,000
28. $415,000
29. $405,000
30. $395,000

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