Brandon Stokley describes what it’s like playing Augusta National

Two-time Super Bowl champion Brandon Stokley says he’s not a good golfer, but he loves to play, and on this week’s episode of Subpar, Stokley detailed his experience at one of the game’s most coveted courses: Augusta National.

“My best round was low 80s,” he told hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz. “Made three birdies on three of the four par-5s.”

“Just overpowering it,” Stoltz teased.

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“I mean, that’s what I do,” Stokley joked. “I can’t play from the tips. I can’t go all the way back, so gotta go to the members’ tees. But, low 80s. I mean, the place is unbelievable. It’s the best. You can’t beat it. You see it every year on TV, and you know all the shots, you know all the history there. It’s the best.”

Knost, who recently returned from a trip to Augusta himself, commented that we see just as much of Pebble Beach on TV each year, but you don’t get the same feeling of experiencing history playing there as you do at Augusta.

“The Masters is must-see TV,” Stokley said. “You know all the great shots, there’s so much history there. I think that’s why, when you go play it, you know every shot, you know every great moment: Tiger’s chip-in, Phil out of the pine straw, all those things.”

For more from Stokley, including his experience playing golf at Pebble Beach, his relationship with Peyton Manning and the players who impressed him during his time in the NFL, check out the full interview below.

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