Myth-busting the straight-back-straight-through putting technique

Amateur golfers are full of myths about putting.

Getty Images

Amateur golfers hear lots of misconceptions about the golf swing. Just like you shouldn’t believe everything you read, you should be wary of taking advice from the average Joe in your regular Saturday foursome. One of the most common myths relates to putting: the putter should move straight back and straight through, like a pendulum. If you’re putting that way, it’s so much more difficult to maintain a consistent putting stroke. 

Phil Kenyon created this great video to demonstrate the putting arc and influence the perception of good putting for many amateurs. If you’re out there thinking you need to take the putter straight back, it might help to totally scrap that idea and rethink the entire concept of the putting stroke in your mind. 

In this clip, Phil breaks out a handy-dandy hula-hoop to demonstrate the inclined circle along which you should imagine your putter moving. To get your putter moving along this perceived arc, your upper body is going to need to move that way too. Check out the video to see the hula-hoop in action and change the way you think about putting!

Emily Haas Contributor