How to hit a fade or draw by changing your setup

Golftec draw and fade

Hitting draws and fades on command is not as difficult as it seems.


One of the biggest differentiators between a good and a great player is the ability to work the ball left or right on command.

Luckily for us recreational mortals, it’s not as difficult as it sounds!

Here’s an easy blueprint to hit both fades (left-to-right shots) and draws (right-to-left shots), courtesy of LPGA pro Rachel Drummond and GOLFTEC instructor Nick Clearwater.

How to hit a fade

1. Move the ball up in your stance, and allow your stance to be slightly open.

2. Focus on maintaining the lag in your downswing.

3. Let your body and clubface remain passive through impact.

Clearwater suggests letting the clubface feel more open as you swing through to your finish position.

“Because I changed my setup and moved the ball forward, the face is naturally a little more open on the way through,” Drummond confirmed.

How to hit a draw

1. Move the ball slightly back in your stance.

2. The clubface will naturally be more closed through impact, encouraging the right-to-left path.

Keep in mind that the move forward and backward in your stance doesn’t have the be drastic — a ball-width is enough to make a difference.

The best part about these keys is that it doesn’t require any changes to your swing — just small adjustments to your setup that can make a big difference.

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