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GOLFTEC adds new locations, technologies, and services

April 19, 2017

After 22 years in business GOLFTEC is opening more than 30 new stand-alone locations with new, updated interior designs, enhanced clubfitting programs and new swing analysis technologies. Along with a freshened logo, the various changes and enhancements will continue to be integrated into the more than 190 GOLFTEC centers around the world throughout 2018.

One of the most significant changes to GOLFTEC’s services is the improved TECFIT custom fitting program, which will now offer a wider variety of components and clubhead choices including ultra-premium options, and will be fitted with improved software that incorporates swing characteristics and ball flight data. In addition to the improved fitting experience, new custom made, state-of-the-art cameras and lighting in the fitting bays provide high-resolution video for clients to view both during and after lessons. Utilizing a proprietary motion-measurement system to breakdown swing characteristics, GOLFTEC coaches are now even better prepared to help students improve.

Co-founder and CEO of GOLF TEC Joe Assell comments:

“Our growth trajectory is unmatched is the industry because we’ve always stayed true to our mission to help people play better golf. We took our recent success as an opportunity to move even further ahead and we’re not slowing down. Students and coaches alike will benefit from the feel and function of our fresh in-center design and the heightened golf experiences we are now able to offer.”

Currently the new GOLFTEC centers that offer the improved features and benefits include locations in Birmingham, AL, Burnsville, MN, Colorado Springs, CO, Ellicott City, MD, Forth Worth, TX, Grand Rapids, MI, Hartford, CT, Houston TX, Lakewood, CO, Minnetonka, MN, Mission Viejo, CA, Plano, TX, Roseville, MN, Tucson, AZ, Woodbridge, NJ, Tokyo, Japan, and Hong Kong.