InsideGOLF exclusive: Robot-testing the Cobra LTDx driver line

cobra ltdx driver robot testing

Here's how Cobra's new LTDx drivers fared in our exclusive robot testing.

No matter your talents as a golfer, we all miss the sweet spot every now and again. Fortunately, when it comes to driver tech in 2022, forgiveness reigns supreme — and several top driver models offer unparalleled levels of stability when making contact on the periphery of the clubface.

In this latest InsideGOLF exclusive, our robot testing conducted by Golf Laboratories shined a light on what makes the new Cobra LTDx drivers so forgiving, and more specifically, where on the face you’ll get the most distance when you miss the center. (Spoiler alert: not on the heel.)

Also, which model from the LTDx line is right for you? We have the answers. Watch this video to learn more:

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Ryan Noll Contributor

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