Practice like Justin Thomas with the best golf swing plane trainers of 2023

Check out GOLF’s picks for the hottest brands and most useful items from 2023. These golf swing plane trainers will help dial in your game

These golf swing plane trainers will help dial in your game.

Welcome to GOLF’s 2023 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with, well… the best of everything!

GOLF’s picks for the best golf swing plane trainers of the year include the hottest brands and most useful items we’ve come across all year — all in the hopes of improving your game!

Every golfer knows that staying on-plane is critical to making great contact. By keeping your club where it needs to be both in the backswing and follow through, you’ll square the face and make clean contact — which will help launch the ball for maximized results.

Just take a look at how 2-time major champion Justin Thomas practices to keep his club path on-plane.

While there are plenty of different ways to work on keeping your club path in the right spot, we really recommend getting one of the golf swing plane trainers below. Not only will you work on the proper mechanics, like Thomas does, but you’ll gain the confidence you need to drop your scores.

With tons of great options to choose from, take a look at our favorite golf swing plane trainers of the year below.

These are the best of the best!


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WhyGolf’s Alignment Disc

WhyGolf's Alignment Disc

WhyGolf’s Alignment Disc

Whether working on your takeaway, swing path, plane or follow through, the Alignment Disc will make your practice sessions strikingly productive and purposeful.

One of the most versatile golf swing plane trainers on the market, WhyGolf’s Alignment Disc can help fix nearly any issue with your swing.

Whether you come over the top, tend to slice or hook, or struggle with early extension, it has six different angles to help perfect your swing path. Simply stick alignment rods into the disc and choose how you want to use this aid — and then get to work for improved ball-striking.

Rukket Sports Pathfinder Impact Mat™

Rukket Sports Pathfinder Impact Mat™

Are you looking for a golf training mat to help your golf game? The Rukket Pathfinder Impact Mat™ was designed with input from professional golfers and golf teachers to help players of all abilities improve their game. The strike mat tracks club face alignment and helps ensure clean contact with the ball while the foam pylons can be used to keep your swing on plane. Use all four pylons to practice hitting straighter shots or remove pylons to practice hitting draw or fade shots. It’s the most versatile golf swing practice mat available and works with every club in your bag! Features 2-in-1 golf swing training mat combining the features of an impact mat / strike mat and a swing path trainer to help golfers quickly identify and correct common swing problems like hooks and slices. It’s a golf swing impact / strike mat to help identify and correct club face alignment. Use the “velvet” turf to ensure you’re making clean contact with the ball. It’s also a golf swing training aid to help with swing plane alignment. Use it to fix a slice or a hook, and to practice hitting draw and fade shots. What’s in the Box (1) Rukket Pathfinder Impact Mat™ (4) Foam Pylons (1) Instruction Booklet Product Specs 25in x 13in x 0.8in RUKKET FAIR PLAY GUARANTEE & LIFETIME WARRANTY: At Rukket Sports we know you came to win. We also understand that in order to win you need to train hard, so that’s why we’re proud to offer the Rukket Fair Play Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty for no-risk purchasing plus outstanding USA-based customer service!
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The quickest way towards hitting better shots? Making sure the clubface is square at impact, allowing you to hit the sweet spot of the club.

Unfortunately, squaring the clubface isn’t something that comes easily for many amateur players — which is why the Rukket Sports Pathfinder Impact Mat™ is hear to serve as your personalized swing coach. Either use all four pylons to correct your club path, or remove the pylons to work on hitting either draws or fades.

No matter how you’re looking to improve your swing, the Pathfinder Impact Mat™ can help you make serious gains.

Hazy Sticks Alignment Sticks

Hazy Sticks The Volunteer

Hazy Sticks The Volunteer

100% Genuine Hickory Length: 45″ / Diameter 3/8″ Medium-Dark Stain Navy/White Color Combo Gloss Protective Coating Nickel End Caps High Quality Golf Alignment Sticks

These versatile Hazy Sticks Alignment Sticks are a must-have for your next trip to the driving range.

Sure, they’re great when working on your alignment and aim, but they become really handy when you need a refresher on keeping your club path — which is why these sticks are a useful training aid to use when looking to hit more pure shots.

Sure-Strike Training Aid

Golf Training Aids Sure-Strike

Sure-Strike The golf swing trainer designed to help you master your swing mechanics to swing like a Tour Pro! The Sure-Strike is not just another training aid; it’s a game-changer. This new golf swing trainer is meticulously crafted to instill perfect swing mechanics, creating a permanent shift in your performance. Say goodbye to inconsistent swings and hello to a new level of precision and power. Key Benefits of the Sure-Strike Training Aid Transform your timing for solid contact and an efficient swing. Improve swing path and attack angle for optimal ball-then-turf contact and true compression at impact. Enhance swing sequence, ensuring perfect coordination between body, arms, and club. Train a shallow swing plane for true lag and increased clubhead speed. Experience freedom and effortlessness in your swing, unlocking your natural athleticism. Suitable for golfers of all skill levels. Crafted with precision and durability in mind. Elevate your golfing experience and unleash your true potential. With the Sure-Strike, you’ll experience a transformation in your timing, resulting in solid contact with the ball and an overall more efficient swing. This training aid focuses on improving the path of your swing and attack angle, allowing you to find the ideal low point and achieve that coveted ball-then-turf contact. The result? True compression at impact and a newfound level of control over your shots. One of the key benefits of the Sure-Strike training aid is its ability to enhance the sequence of your swing, ensuring that your body, arms, and club work together in perfect harmony throughout the entire motion. By training in efficient transition, impact, and follow-through, you’ll experience a level of consistency and fluidity you’ve only dreamed of. The Sure-Strike empowers you to feel and train a shallow swing plane, leading to true lag and a powerful impact. This shallow plane not only promotes better contact with the ball but also generates greater clubhead speed, resulting in longer and more accurate shots. Feel the satisfaction of hitting crisp, penetrating shots that soar through the air with ease. By incorporating the Sure-Strike golf training aid into your training routine, little and often, you’ll witness a remarkable improvement in your range of movement. This swing trainer helps you achieve a feeling of freedom and effortlessness in your swing, unlocking your natural golf swing and allowing you to unleash your full potential on the course. Crafted with precision and built to last, the Sure-Strike is your trusted partner for transforming your golf game. It is easy to use and suitable for golfers of all skill levels, even for kids with the junior version. Practice with confidence and witness the evolution of your swing. Invest in the Sure-Strike today and elevate your golfing experience to new heights. Experience the joy of a consistent, efficient, and powerful swing that brings your game to a whole new level. Order now and unleash your true golfing potential! FAQs About the Sure-Strike Do Swing Trainers Actually Work? Yes! Golf swing trainers, like the Sure-Strike, teach you how to swing consistently while giving you instant feedback on your swing mechanics. Enough practice over time will build muscle memory that will translate to the course. How Do I Train My Golf Swing? In today’s age, there are an infinite number of ways to improve your golf swing. Golf training aids and repetition are some of the most popular and effective methods to improve your swing and your game overall.
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While we can’t promise you’ll instantly earn your Tour card, by utilizing this golf swing plane trainer, you will gain the same lessons as a Tour player!

The Sure-Strike unlocks your natural athleticism by helping you master the swing mechanics of your swing! By learning these proper mechanics, you’ll no longer see the inconsistent shots you’re used to, and instead start to experience enhanced performance and results.

Work on improving your swing path and attack angle, and fix any swing sequence issues by simply getting back to better fundamentals.

Swing Arc Combo Pack

Swing Arc Combo Pack

The Putting Swing Arc Provides a great visual on your path and length of your putting stroke.   The Swing Arc  A very versatile golf training aid. It provides great feedback on your swing path and will teach you the proper path to hit draws and fades. It can be used for full swing, chipping, pitching, bunker shots and even for putting.  Made out of stainless steel guaranteeing the consistency of the arc. Suitable for right and left handed golfers.
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Hitting the sweet spot of the club each time is going to give you the shot results you’ve been dreaming of. But staying on-plane can be tricky, so having a little guidance can go a long way in avoiding the toe and heel of the club.

That’s why we love this Swing Arc Combo Pack as a top golf swing plane trainer — because it gives instant feedback on your club path, and provides an easy-to-follow arc towards impact. So go ahead and show out for your playing partners by using this trainer.

Perfect Hands Golf Swing & Strength Training System

Perfect Hands Golf Swing & Strength Training System

Perfect Hands Golf Swing & Strength Training System

Teach your body how to consistently hit an on-plane golf swing!

Resistance training works for other types of workouts, so why can’t it be effective in swinging the golf club as well? With the Perfect Hands Golf Swing & Strength Training System it can!

The hands are obviously an important part of the golf swing, so controlling them will go a long way in determining your club path. With this system, you can get instant feedback with each shot, helping you gain muscle memory for consistent results (and better swings) each time.

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