TaylorMade P770, P790 Aged Copper irons | First Look

taylormade p770 p790 aged copper irons

TaylorMade's P770 and P790 Aged Copper irons.


TaylorMade’s BRNR Mini Copper is getting some company in the classic looks department: P770 and P790 Aged Copper ($1,499.99).

Two of TaylorMade’s most popular irons are now being offered in an aged copper finish designed to change over time to create a vintage feel. Golfers who grew up playing TaylorMade equipment in the 1980s will also appreciate the classic logo on the toe.

Outside of the new finish and minor cosmetic changes, the technology inside each iron remains the same.

taylormade p770 p790 aged copper irons

TaylorMade P-Series Aged Copper

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The new P770 continues the line’s original appeal by delivering slim “blade-like” looks with a head packed with technology. Hidden inside the forged hollow body — and behind the fast 4140 face — is up to 45 grams of tungsten.

Speedfoam Air is injected into the cavity to deliver a premium sound and feel without sacrificing the rebound characteristics of the hollow design. Originally introduced in the 2021 P790, Speedfoam Air is 69 percent less dense than the initial iteration and allows TaylorMade to reposition precious grams in the head for forgiveness. 

For additional help, the P770 continues with TaylorMade’s “speed pocket” to keep spin down and ball speed up for shots missed low on the face.

taylormade p790 aged copper irons
TaylorMade’s P790 Aged Copper irons in the bag. TaylorMade

Designed for golfers who still need forgiveness and ball speed but don’t necessarily want to go up in size to reap the benefits, irons like P790 make it possible to get it all.

Proprietary software leverages Artificial Intelligence to look at different mass solutions for specific performance targets. It’s a fancy way of saying TaylorMade is finding new and innovative ways to improve stability and CG in each head, along with how repositioning weight around affects sound and feel.

A slab of tungsten is situated in the toe section of the 3- through 7-iron to improve launch and overall consistency. Instead of placing it in the same spot throughout the set, the AI software went through tens of thousands of iterations to find the ideal location for each loft. (For example, the tungsten in the 4-iron is driven down deeper in the head to induce a higher launch. It then gets progressively higher leading into the short irons for additional control.)

taylormade p770 aged copper irons
TaylorMade’s P770 Aged Copper irons. TaylorMade

“We want to make these irons as accurate and consistent as we possibly can,” said Matt Bovee, TaylorMade’s director of product creation, irons. “Having each iron designed for its unique purpose allows us to make the set better on the whole.”

Something else that should pique the interest of golfers who constantly complain iron lofts are too strong and spin continues to trend downward? The 7-iron generates 150 RPMs more spin than the previous generation for an uptick in stability and control.

“I haven’t met a fitter who isn’t excited about that,” Bovee said. “And we’re able to do it without sacrificing carry distance.”

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