How much different are range balls than those fresh out of a premium $15 sleeve?

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There's a huge difference in performance between range balls and your typical gamers.

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Most driving ranges use balls that are designed to minimize cost and withstand years and years of abuse. But how different is their performance from high-end balls or the ones you actually put into play?

To find out, I took a Foresight Sports GC Quad launch monitor out to my local range. Using my gamer driver, I hit the range’s yellow-striped, rock-hard range balls against my preferred stash of Titleist Pro V1s.

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By: Jonathan Wall and Andrew Tursky

The results showed a drastic difference. The range balls produced higher spin rates (+158 rpm) and lower launch (1.47 degrees). More critical, I saw less speed with the rangers compared to my Pro V1s (162.7 mph versus 168.7 mph) and shorter carry distances (280 yards versus 298 yards — a 6 percent drop!).

If your ego is taking a hit on the range because your shots aren’t flying as far as you think they should, it may literally be the ball’s fault. Keep that in mind as you grind away.

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