Titleist adds Pro V1x Left Dash and AVX to RCT (Radar Capture Technology) golf ball line

Left dash ProV1 RCT

Titleist has expanded its RTC golf ball offerings to include the AVX and -ProX1X


After a hugely successful launch of the original line of ProV1 and ProV1X RCT golf balls, Titleist is expanding the technology into two more popular golf balls in their premium line, the ProV1x Left Dash (-ProV1X) and the AVX.

These new additions to the RCT golf ball lineup now allow fitters using radar technology launch monitors to offer a complete golf ball fitting experience indoors for the first time.

What is RCT?

Traditionally when conducting a fitting indoors, small aluminum foil stickers are stuck to golf balls to help radar-based launch monitors estimate spin over the short indoor flight window. The problem with these stickers is they have to be aligned a specific way for each shot and they have a good chance of falling off if directly struck by either a club or the screen at impact.

Inside RCT ProV1x left
Inside a -ProV1X Titleist

When you have a problem, you find a solution, and after two years of testing Titleist figured out how to place the RCT under the cover to improve accuracy of spin measurement.

the reflective markings on titleist pro v1 and pro v1x radar capture technology golf balls
A closer look at the reflective design on the casing layer of Titleist’s RCT golf balls. Titleist

The RCT is a silver reflective spin marker printed directly onto the layer under the urethane cover to improve the ability of doppler radar-based launch monitors to calculate spin. This technology is especially helpful when working with high-speed golfers that can create low spin rates with the driver. It also helps increase the measured accuracy of spin axis, which has a substantial impact on golf ball curvature.

titleist tsr woods
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By: Ryan Barath

Just like the Pro V1 and Pro V1x (RCT) golf balls currently on the market, the -ProV1X and AVX RCT golf balls look and perform exactly like the standard versions found on your local retail shelves.

titleist pro v1 and pro v1x RCT golf balls trackman
Titleist’s RCT golf balls were designed in conjunction with TrackMan. Titleist

Speaking of retail, you won’t find any of the RCT golf balls stocked at your local pro shop but they are all available on Titleist.com, and to be ordered through select accounts in bulk quantities.

Titleist’s Pro V1X Left Dash and AVX Radar Capture Technology (RCT) golf balls are available now and priced at $64.99 per dozen.

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