FIRST LOOK: TaylorMade’s Tour Response, Tour Response Stripe and Soft Response balls

TaylorMade new balls

From left to right, TaylorMade's new-for-2022 balls: Tour Response, Tour Response Stripe, and Soft Response.

Courtesy of TaylorMade

On Friday, TaylorMade announced the release of three new golf balls for 2022: Tour Response, Tour Response Stripe, and Soft Response.

The new Tour Response was designed to incorporate Tour-level technology for recreational-level players. That means updating this version of the ball with a new dimple pattern — first used in the company’s TP5 and TP5x balls — to foster improved aerodynamics and longer carry distance.

How does that work exactly? According to the company’s press release, the Tour Response’s dual-radius dimple shape decouples dimple volume from depth, resulting in reduced drag and more optimal lift and airflow during the ball’s flight.

In less technical terms, the Tour Response’s 100-percent cast urethane cover makes it a softer and more durable option than a traditional Tour ball, at a more affordable price.

scottie scheffler taylormade
Scottie Scheffler signs multi-year equipment deal with TaylorMade Golf
By: Jonathan Wall

In addition to the all-new Tour Response, alignment lovers will be thrilled by TaylorMade’s Tour Response Stripe, which features a 360-degree, 22-millimeter alignment stripe to make aiming a breeze.

A thin black line within the alignment band matches up with a player’s putter sight lines to further reinforce that the player is aimed correctly, as well as offering instant feedback on the putt’s roll.

Finally, TaylorMade’s Soft Response, the softest ball in the company’s offerings, is suggested for moderate swing speeds, and is specially designed to provide enhanced feel in addition to maintaining speed and enhanced distance off the tee. Another special dimple pattern is utilized to encourage the ball to stay in the air at lower speeds and spin rates.

Both the Tour Response (white, yellow) and the Tour Response Stripe models are now available at retail for $39.99/dozen. The Soft Response (white, yellow) is $29.99/dozen.

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