Backspin: Our first reaction to a 1974 Cadillac commercial starring Arnold Palmer

Welcome to Backspin, a video series where’s equipment editors Jonathan Wall and myself, Andrew Tursky, take a look back at nostalgic golf videos.

In past episodes, for instance, we watched the Hammer X driver infomercial, a classic Tiger Woods Nike commercial, and a Brandel Chamblee informercial (that ended in a prank call).

In this week’s episode of Backspin, we watch an old 1974 Cadillac commercial starring the late great Arnold Palmer. The seven-time major champion was a legend both on the course and off. He won golf tournaments, he won the hearts of fans with his winning smile, he was a savvy businessman, and he wasn’t too shabby of a commercial actor, either.

As we learned from the Cadillac commercial, however, Palmer does have a weakness: tennis.

Despite his tendency to miss a bit low on his tennis shots, he does have quite the on-camera presence. Watch the video for yourself at the top of the story!

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