Backspin: Looking back at a classic Tiger Woods Nike commercial (with a special cameo!)

After Tiger Woods won the 2008 U.S. Open – essentially on one leg – he took a long break from professional golf to recover physically. This 2009 Nike Golf commercial depicts what the PGA Tour looked like in his absence, and then what it looked like during his return.

Tiger has been a part of some legendary commercials, but this one is special due to a few surprise cameos. I won’t ruin who the big name is before you watch the video, though, in case it’s your first time watching.

Being that this commercial is such a classic, we figured it was perfect for our new Backspin series, where equipment editors Jonathan Wall and Andrew Tursky (that’s me) watch old golf videos for the first time in years and provide our thoughts. If you missed them, we’ve already checked out the old Alien Wedge and Hammer X infomercials.

Enjoy our Backspin version of the classic Nike Golf commercial above, and stay tuned for more nostalgic videos next week!

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Andrew Tursky Editor

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