Tour the Seminole Golf Club men’s locker room, one of the coolest hangouts in golf

seminole clubhouse

There are few better to places to unwind after a round than the Seminole Golf Club locker room.

Zephyr Melton

Stepping inside Seminole Golf Club‘s men’s locker room feels a bit like walking back in time. The airy space has a classic feel, and the history of the club — the famed Donald Ross-designed golf course outside the clubhouse opened in 1929 — seeps through the walls.

Dan Jenkins, writing for Sports Illustrated in 1965, described the locker room like this: “The décor includes thick gold rugs, cypress clothes closets with intricate designs carved on the doors, overstuffed sofas and chairs, a fireplace, a small bar and the heads of fifteen wild animals, which stare down from the walls. It is quiet, pleasant and elegant — one of the better places in Florida to change your shoes.”

With the Walker Cup visiting Seminole this weekend, here’s a peek inside one of the coolest hangouts in golf:

scorecard in glass
Ben Hogan used to prep for the Masters at Seminole, and in 1954, he fired his “lowest round ever played,” a cool 11-under 61. Zephyr Melton
seminole golf club
The locker room at Seminole features an eclectic mix of taxidermy on the walls. Zephyr Melton
These photo albums sit in the center of the room and date back to the club’s opening in 1929. Zephyr Melton
seminole clubhouse
Spacious wooden lockers line the perimeter of the room. Zephyr Melton
Seminole hosts a number of amateur competitions, and the trophies are proudly displayed between plush couches. Zephyr Melton
If Seminole had any more trophies, they’d need a larger room! Zephyr Melton
None of the lockers have nameplates. Instead, they are carved with numerical designations. Zephyr Melton
seminole locker room
As Dan Jenkins once wrote, Seminole’s locker room is “one of the better places in Florida to change your shoes.” No arguments here. Zephyr Melton
If you want to learn about any of the other premier courses in America, Seminole has you covered. Books from courses around the country line the center table. Zephyr Melton
seminole member-pro
Seminole’s annual pro-member tournament is attended by some of the best players in the world. The winners’s names — including Ben Hogan, Ernie Els and Rory McIlroy — are inscribed on this board. Zephyr Melton
seminole clubhouse
Pull up a chair and kick up your feet. Zephyr Melton

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