Phil Mickelson’s latest design is a world-class short-game playground

A rendering of the facility.

Courtesy of USD

There is perhaps no greater short-game wizard than Phil Mickelson, so why not have Lefty design a full short-game facility for your university? That’s at least part of the thought process for the University of San Diego as Mickelson has been tapped to design a world-class short game facility for the Torero golf team. 

Announced Monday, plans for it are as intricate as one would expect from Mickelson’s cerebral golf mind. In all, it’s a 1.4-acre lot that has a lot going on:

– 7,500 sq. ft. putting green

– 1,000 sq. ft. practice bunker

– 1,800 sq. ft. teeing area

– 40,000 sq. ft. fairway and rough area

– four synthetic targets for shots from 30-85 yards

– “putting pads” made with consistent, fixed slopes throughout 

– 3,000 sq. ft. clubhouse 

A rendering of the facility. Courtesy USD

One can imagine needing to practice flop shots of different lengths, a la Mickelson, at the kind of unicorn facility that would also allow for full-swing bunker shots of the same distance. In all, it’s a whole lot of turf devoted to the short game by one of the best to ever think about the short game.

“Every detail of this new facility will be designed to improve the scholar-athlete golfer, provide an environment to promote team unity, instill competition and position the University of San Diego to compete for future West Coast Conference and national championships,” Mickelson said in a press release. 

In fact, according to the press release, parts of the facility are actually features named after Mickelson. The “putting pads” are “Phil Mickelson” synthetic putting pads that are graded at 2%, 3% and 4%, respectively. Need to grind on your left-to-right hard-breakers? Line up that way on the 4-percent slope and grind away the afternoon. The clubhouse will include plenty practice features as well, like an indoor hitting bay and “golf lab.” 

It will be named the Purcell Family Short-Game Facility and is expected to benefit local junior organizations as well, and will be located on the northeast side of the campus near other athletic facilities. It was not made clear when the facility will be finished.

Rendering of short-game facility. Courtesy of USD.

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