Stewart Cink had one of the most bizarre putting rounds you’ll ever see

Stewart Cink

Stewart Cink on Sunday after his 7-foot, 8-inch putt on the 17th hole at Harbour Town Golf Links.

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Stewart Cink pumped his right fist, then smiled. His son and wife cheered from just off the 17th green at Harbour Town Golf Links. He had just done something Sunday he hadn’t done over the last 3 hours and 30 minutes or so. 

Make a putt longer than a yard stick. 

His 7-foot, 8-inch bomb for birdie was, surprisingly, his longest made putt to that point during the final round of the RBC Heritage — by a whopping 5 feet, 5 inches. Cink entered Sunday with a five-shot lead and ended it up by four — and through 16 holes, he hadn’t made a putt long enough to come up to his knee. 

And yet, he wasn’t defensive, either. He didn’t center-of-the-green Harbour Town to victory — he hit only 12 of 18 greens — and he missed seven putts under 20 feet. But from those points, Cink simply cleaned up and moved on.  

stewart cink reagan cink
With son as caddie, 47-year-old Stewart Cink dominates at RBC Heritage
By: Dylan Dethier

“That’s what you need to do around here — keep it in play, which he’s done, hit the greens in the right places,” analyst Nick Faldo said on the CBS broadcast. 

On the front nine, where he shot a one-under 35, Cink made 11 feet, 3 inches worth of putts, the longest being 2 feet, 3 inches on the par-4 3rd hole. On the back, where he shot even-par 36, things got wild. He made 21 feet, 1 inch of putts, behind the 7-footer on 17, and a 4-foot, 8-incher on 18. 

In all, Cink made 32 feet, 4 inches of putts over the entire round. Which, amazingly, is well short (no pun intended) of the record. CBS reported during the broadcast that the record for the fewest feet of putts made by a champion was 25 feet, 8 inches by Zach Johnson in 2009.  

“I was proud of myself for sticking to my guns, the game plan, and just tee to green my execution was — today was one of my best ball-striking days I’ve had in my life,” Cink said. “It was awesome. I’m definitely going to be writing some notes down about my hitting the last four rounds.”

A breakdown of all 18 holes: 

Stewart Cink’s made putt distances 


Stewart Cink golf ball
‘That was amazing:’ How Stewart Cink hit with his ball balanced on a stick
By: Nick Piastowski

405-yard, par-4 1st hole
Birdie putt (from fringe): 25 feet, 1 inch 
Par putt: 8 inches

503-yard, par-5 2nd hole 
Birdie putt: 8 feet, 6 inches
Par putt: 13 inches

468-yard, par-4 3rd hole 
Birdie putt: 22 feet, 4 inches 
Par putt: 2 feet, 3 inches

181-yard, par-3 4th hole 
Birdie putt (from fringe): 30 feet, 8 inches 
Par putt: 2 inches 

530-yard, par-5 5th hole 
Eagle chip from 53 feet, 11 inches away
Birdie putt: 2 feet, 2 inches

427-yard, par-4 6th hole 
Birdie putt (from fringe): 16 feet, 3 inches 
Par putt: 9 inches

187-yard, par-3 7th hole 
Birdie putt (from fringe): 44 feet, 3 inches 
Par putt: 2 feet, 2 inches

475-yard, par-4 8th hole 
Birdie putt: 15 feet, 1 inch 
Par putt: 18 inches

312-yard, par-4 9th hole 
Birdie putt: 16 feet, 1 inch
Par putt: 6 inches

Front nine total for putts made: 11 feet, 3 inches (135 inches) 


Stewart Cink and Reagan Cink
Why is Stewart Cink succeeding at 47? He has a pre-round ‘system’ to thank
By: Nick Piastowski

454-yard, par-4 10th hole 
Birdie putt: 43 feet, 9 inches 
Par putt: 4 inches 

425-yard, par-4 11th hole
Birdie putt: 32 feet, 1 inch
Par putt: 2 feet, 3 inches

432-yard, par-4 12th hole 
Birdie putt (from fringe): 56 feet, 8 inches 
Par putt: 7 feet, 8 inches 
Bogey putt: 12 inches 

370-yard, par-4 13th hole 
Birdie putt: 18 feet, 1 inch 
Par putt: 2 feet 

197-yard, par-4 14th hole 
Birdie putt: 33 feet, 3 inches 
Par putt: 10 inches 

588-yard, par-5 15th hole 
Birdie putt: 19 feet, 5 inches 
Par putt: 19 inches 

400-yard, par-4 16th hole 
Birdie putt: 26 feet, 11 inches 
Par putt: 9 inches

179-yard, par-3 17th hole 
Birdie putt: 7 feet, 8 inches 

462-yard, par-4 18th hole 
Birdie putt (from fringe): 49 feet, 3 inches 
Par putt: 4 feet, 8 inches 

Back nine total for putts made: 21 feet, 1 inch (253 inches)

Total: 32 feet, 4 inches (388 inches)

Nick Piastowski

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