Mike Wilbon on why he was obsessed with watching Tiger Woods on TV

Mike Wilbon used to lie about working so he could watch Tiger on TV


We take it for granted now, but when a golfer named Tiger Woods burst onto the professional scene in 1996, it upended the sport unlike anything we’ve experienced before or since.

And as the guest on the latest episode of Claude Harmon III’s new GOLF.com podcast “Off-Course” (which you can download on iTunes right here) he explains how watching Tiger became a central to his own experience of watching sports — including his own daily habits.

“I lied every weekend Tiger Woods was playing. I said I’ve got to work. I’ve got an NBA game. I didn’t have nothing!” Wilbon said. “I was going to have my fat a** in a seat, watching Tiger Woods.”

And watching Tiger’s ability on the course was so exciting, it even inspired Wilbon to take off golf — a day before his wedding.

Watch both clips above, and listen to the full episode below:

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