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Here's what popped on social this week

Here's what caught my eye on social this week

Bubba Watson, Getty and Brooks Koepka

Hello, friends.

And welcome back to the Rogers Report! As always, I’m assuming you’re caught up on the “important” stuff — like Viktor Hovland’s victory, Lydia Ko earning her 17th (!) LPGA Tour title and Brooks Koepka dyeing his hair — but I’m here to point out some of the good stuff you just might have missed. Let’s get right to it.

Bubbba Watson’s Tiktok videos

Listen, I don’t expect you to be on TikTok. (Though do I think you should be? Absolutely.) Fear not: I will bring to your attention to any important golf-related Toks, right here in the RR.

Today’s featured Tokker: Bubba Watson. He’s an active poster on the app and his videos are a mix of cringey and really insightful, because they give you a Bubba-style inside look at life on the PGA Tour. I mean, look at his flight setup here. Plus the Fergie lip-synching!

He also has a post featuring Kevin Na, who doesn’t know he’s the subject of a Rihanna tribute. Either way, I’m here for any content that gives as a closer look inside the pros’ lives — and I guess we might have a TikTok star on our hands?

Brooks Koepka’s closet

If you follow golf, you already know that Brooks Koepka made headlines when he dyed his hair blond last week. But we already covered that here, so let’s direct our attention to another Koepka surprise: his shoe collection, which is out of this world.

Brooks Koepka's sneaker collection
Brooks Koepka’s sneaker collection Brooks Koepka
Brooks Koepka's sneaker collection
Brooks Koepka’s sneaker collection Brooks Koepka

Look at all of those Nikes! This is what I’d call a dream collection. There’s not just a pair to go with any outfit, there’s a pair to go with any mood. Pat Perez has to be feeling the heat; the longtime king of kicks on Tour could be under threat.

Also, this makes me feel a LOT better about the eight pairs of sneakers I rotate through and I’ll cite this post to any pals who question that. Not excessive in the slightest!

Wedding season updates

Forget Arnie, Jack and Gary. There’s a new Big Three in town, and what I’m referring to is three massive upcoming PGA Tour Weddings: Gretzky/Johnson, Sims/Koepka and Zhu/Morikawa. Sims and Koepka’s engagement photos got some love in the last edition Rogers Report, but I do have an update on the other couples this week. Let’s start with Kat and Collin.

Such lovely engagement photos! Morikawa seems to always have a fresh haircut, so his look here is no surprise. And even their dog got in on the celebrations with this post.

Now, its time for some DJ-Paulina updates. I know, I know, they’ve been engaged since 2013. But good things come to those who wait, and we have waited a long time for this show to get on the road. Check out the extravagant invitations they sent out:

(Disclaimer: To the surprise of absolutely no one, this is not my invitation. Paulina reposted these to her Instagram stories, which I then screenshotted. I would, however, still be open to attending.) How about that presentation, though? The engraved wooden box, the champagne and even glasses? It’s no surprise they went above and beyond, but wow.

Viktor Hovland’s Spotify

World No. 3 Viktor Hovland has become an international hero as of late. His golf game? Incredible. But his personality is what really draws people in. He’s quirky, he’s polite and he’s always doing the unexpected.

See what I mean? I swear, there’s a case study to be done on his Instagram presence alone.

As golf fans, we get to see the pros on Instagram, some on Twitter and even a few on TikTok. But that got me thinking: What about Spotify? I ventured into a black hole on the music platform the other day. One pro’s following would lead me to another’s, and eventually I came across the gem that is Viktor Hovland’s music. First off, let’s take a moment to appreciate his Spotify profile picture.

Victory Hovland's Spotify image
Victory Hovland’s Spotify image Viktor Hovland

It is so, so great. Now, it’s been long-documented that Hovland is a fan of heavy metal, but I cannot say I was prepared to listen to his latest playlist. ZOMBIFIED? Fit For An Autopsy?! Let’s just say his taste is slightly heavier than mine. I like to imagine him nine weeks from now, listening to this on the range at Augusta National, blocking out the h̶a̶t̶e̶r̶s̶ singing birds and folks in green jackets. I encourage you to give it a listen.

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