Brooks Koepka went blond, so we made other pros blond as well

Brooks went blonde. Should other players do the same?

What would these pros look like with bleach-blonde hair?


It’s 2000s-era Justin Timberlake! It’s Slim Shady! It’s … Brooks Koepka?

If you pay any attention to social media, you know by now that Brooks Koepka has gone blonde. And we’re not talking “I spent some time in the sun this summer and my hair got some color” blonde. We’re talking bleach blonde. People first took note of it during Round 1 of the Farmers Insurance Open, but it was hard to get a good look at his new ‘do because of his hat. Koepka confirmed the rumors on Wednesday evening by posting an Instagram of the hair transformation. See for yourself.

WOW. I’m kind of digging the blonde. It can be tough for golfers to really switch things up on the course, and I respect that Koepka just went all-in and had some fun with it. Here’s what the four-time major champion had to say to Golf Channel about his new look:

“My barber has been wanting to do it for a while, so I told him I’d do it,” he said. “Wasn’t much behind it other than we were just messing around.”

And as much as we’d love for the blonde to stay, he assured us that it’s just for the time being. After all, he’s got a wedding coming up in June.

“Probably won’t last until the wedding,” Koepka said. “Hopefully it’s out by then. If it was still in there, I think Jena would kill me.”

Fair enough, Brooks. But all this talk of bleach-blonde hair got us thinking: What other Tour players could pull off the look? We had to see for ourselves.

Honestly, these guys kinda rocked the blonde.

Sure, it won’t happen anytime soon, but we’d like to imagine a world in which these players came together for a common cause: An incredible bit. Bleached hair kind of goes against the buttoned-up look that golfers of previous generations strived for. Maybe it’s time to modernize the game in a new way.

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