Pat Perez has an insane collection of Jordan shoes in his home

pat perez with his sneaker collection

Pat Perez has over 1,000 pairs of Jordans in his home.


Pat Perez has some of the most distinct style on the PGA Tour. Between the flowing locks coming out from under his flatbill caps and the swaggy sneakers he sports, Perez is hard to miss walking down the fairways.

When Perez joined GOLF’s Subpar a couple of months ago, he spoke about his all-Jordan shoe room in his Scottsdale home, which he said consists of over 1,000 pairs of Jordans. Now, thanks to a video recently posted by Complex, we got to see how extensive that collection actually is.

In the video, he shares a couple of his favorite pairs — including the Jordan IV Cement golf shoes he custom made with the blessing from Michael Jordan himself.

“I only wear them when the conditions are absolutely perfect,” Perez said. “It has to be dead dry — no water anywhere, afternoon round, no chance of rain, no nothing, because I don’t want anything to happen to them. I travel with them. They don’t sit in any locker. They don’t leave my side really. I hold onto them like I hold onto my wallet.”

pat perez jordan cement

Another one of Perez’s favorites — and certainly his most rare — are a pair of Jordan IV “Wahlburgers,” an ultra-rare green pair inspired by Mark Wahlberg. Perez acquired them when he and his wife Ashley were having dinner at Wahlberg’s home.

“The cool thing is, he signed each shoe,” Perez said. “This is his pair, they’re a size 10 … It’s pretty cool to have this. I have this in my office, I have them showcased and this is definitely my rarest pair.”

wahlburger golf shoes

Beyond his all-Jordan room, Perez also has a section dedicated to his golf shoes. Among his favorites from that collection are a black pair gifted to him from former NBA star Mike Bibby, his winning shoes from the Mayakoba Classic in 2016 and even a pair of Jordan baseball cleats.

“If I had any baseball talent, I’d actually use them,” Perez said.

It’s a pretty impressive collection from the biggest sneakerhead on the PGA Tour.

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