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Brooks Koepka, Allison Stokke and Rickie Fowler

Brooks Koepka, Allison Stokke and Rickie Fowler

Cliff Hawkins, Rickie Fowler

Hello friends, and happy Tour Championship week! I hope you are all doing well, and if you’re not, maybe this scorecard from Collin Morikawa will help.

A six followed by a 10?! It happened via a four-putt followed on 11 by two shots in the water on 12, and it serves as a good reminder that golf is really hard and sometimes the pros are just like us.

Koepka’s wedding socks

There’s been so much going on in the golf world that we’ve had the privilege of forgetting about the weird beef that Koepka and DeChambeau once had. Or do they still have it? I thought this was all behind us until Koepka’s wedding pictures came out earlier this week and saw the socks he wore at the altar. Kind of interesting that Koepka somewhat included Bryson in his big day!

I thought we put this beef behind us when Koepka and DeChambeau hugged at the Ryder Cup! Then again, the hug might’ve been forced by JT. Either way, with all the PGA Tour and LIV drama going on, I think now is a splendid time to end whatever this feud is.

J.R. Smith and Rory catch up

I can’t often relate to pro athletes, but I can kind of relate to J.R. Smith in this video. He’s in McIlroy’s territory and probably trying to play it cool while talkin’ shop with one of the world’s best!

It all seemed to be going well until Victor Cruz chimes in and asks Smith if he’s made an ace yet. Folks, is there anything worse than one of your pals chirping you when you’re trying to make a good impression? Many are saying it’s only fair that Smith threw Cruz the bird as a response.

Fowler’s family time and lefty swing

We have been blessed with a fair amount of Rickie Fowler content over the last week or so, starting with this video of him and Tiger driving to the exclusive players-only meeting in Wilmington.

Oh, what I would have given to be a fly on the wall for that car ride.

Then we got to see Fowler’s left-handed swing, which to the surprise of absolutely no one, is still 20 times better than my right-handed swing.

Next up we have the Fowler family getaway (to be fair, this could have been a staycation. Tough to tell!), which looked lovely. With parents like Allison Stokke and Rickie, I look forward to seeing which sport Maya Fowler becomes incredibly good at in the next decade or two.

And finally, we have a date night post. We here at the Rogers Report thoroughly enjoy Tour couples content, and this is no exception.

It’s also worth noting that this might be the dream couples Instagram picture. The background is spectacular, the golden-hour lighting is perfect and both Rickie and Allison’s outfits are on point. Kudos to whoever captured this image.

Wholesome content of the week

The fans showed up in a big way at the BMW Championship last week, especially Bay and Killian, who each made their mark on the event.

Bay made some seriously inspirational cards to give to a few players, which we got to see after Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm shared the notes to their Instagram stories.

JT’s note said the following: “To whoever I give this to: I wish you good luck in your golf adventures! You were chosen by the universe to play golf. The reason why you are here is to change people’s lives through golf! You inspire thousands or even millions of people around the world! If you ever feel sad or want to give up, things will get better! Don’t get distracted by fans yelling things like mashed potatoes or get in the hole. Focus on yourself and you’ll be just fine!”

How great is that? Such a feel-good moment. And Rahm’s note included a similar message that ended with “Life is like a hard golf course with lots of obstacles. But even if the course is hard, that won’t stop you from winning!”

Also, shout out to Bay for being an awesome artist. Next up we have Killian who got to meet his hero during a practice round.

My favorite moment of the whole week might’ve been when Killian stuck it to like, five feet in front of his hero. You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Phelps and JT … bathe?

And last but definitely not least, we have this Justin Thomas x Michael Phelps collab that I am not quite sure what to think of! Yeah, yeah, recovery is important, but I cannot stop wondering who filmed this objectively funny video.

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