What’s the ruling if your ball ends up on the wrong putting green?

How do you proceed if you hit your ball on the wrong green?

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So, you’ve hit the green. You’ve already started reaching for your putter as you dream of sinking a birdie putt. There’s just one slight problem. You hit the wrong green. While it’s no doubt embarrassing, you won’t be punished for your mishap. The ruling, in this case, is pretty simple.

Scenario: You ball lands on the wrong putting green.

Rule: Under Rule 13.1F, you are required to take relief if your ball ends up on the wrong green. The rule also states that you must take relief if your intended stance is interfered with by the wrong green.

“When there is interference by a wrong green, you must not play the ball as it lies,” the rule says. “Instead, you must take free relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in the relief area.”

You can see more in the picture below.


However, the rule goes on to clarify that “there is no relief under this rule if interference exists only because you choose a club, type of stance or swing or direction of play that is clearly unreasonable under the circumstances.”

Once you have established that your ball is interfered with by the wrong green, find the nearest point of relief and take a drop within one club length. Your greenskeeper will thank you!

Now, try to aim for the correct green next time.

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