How a chair can help you perfect your swing rotation

To help get the proper swing rotation, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Chris Como shares an easy drill that you can do with a simple chair

Trying this chair drill will help you avoid inconsistent results and master your swing rotation.

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Having the right swing rotation can make a big difference in your ball-striking.

When you fully rotate and extend your backswing, it can increase clubhead speed for more distance. Proper downswing rotation also allows your body to unwind the torso and keep your swing sequence intact.

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By: Nick Dimengo

But for some reason, amateur golfers often struggle with their rotation — and for a number of reasons.

Whether it’s due to physical limitations, poor tempo in the transition or bad mechanics (like swaying), this is an area golfers of all levels consistently work on. But with the help of GOLF Top 100 Teacher Chris Como, you can see near-instant improvements.

Try this chair drill to improve your swing rotation

As the video above shows, Como’s simple chair drill can cure some of your swing rotation issues, all by creating flex in the knees like so many great players have in their swings.

“Make a turn, and then on the way through, don’t hit [the chair],” Como says. “That’s going to keep you from having this motion where the trail leg starts to go towards the target line. Because of that, your pelvis would go as well, and then your upper body has to stand up through the shot.”

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Once you get a feel for that motion, Como says to work on your knee positioning, seeing how they bend in towards the chair before moving back as you get through impact and into your follow-through.

“Then straighten both legs through the shot while your upper body stays down, allowing you to kind of have this chest over the ball and compressing body motion through impact,” he adds.

By better enhancing your lower body motion, you’ll improve your swing rotation and begin to hit better shots as a result.

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