Are you standing too far from the golf ball? This test shows you

If you're standing too far from the golf ball, bad things occur. GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jim Murphy gives tips on how to check your positioning

Don't let the distance between you and the ball cause horrendous shot results!

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You can go through all the swing work, and get the best instruction, but at the end of the day, if you’re standing too far from the golf ball at setup, you’re going to see poor results during the swing. This was something that recently happened to me, so I figured getting some answers for other amateur players could prove helpful.

In my situation, anytime I used a fairway wood, video showed that I was reaching for the ball. My head dipped, my weight would fall towards the ball, and my posture would look crouched. It was no way to swing a golf club.

So I chatted with GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jim Murphy to help cure me, seeking answers to make sure I wasn’t standing too far from the ball. Below, Murphy provides a simple test to try before each shot to guarantee consistency.

How to check if you’re standing too far from the golf ball

“Your feels change everyday, so if your setup relies strictly on feel, then it’s never really going to be the same each time,” Murphy says. “But with a simple test, you can nail your setup and keep it consistent before every shot.”

First, Murphy says to focus on where the club position is at setup.

“When setting up to the ball, the butt end of the club should be pointed at the middle of the zipper on your pants,” he says. “This tells you how much you need to bend from the hips with each club.”

After setting the club in the proper spot and getting in good golf posture, Murphy says to do the following.

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By: Nick Dimengo

“To check your distance from the ball, simply take your trail hand off the club, reach it out in front of you [towards the ball], and make sure you have an open hands-length from yourself. If you have more distance than that, you need to move closer to the ball,” Murphy says. “When checking your distance, always make sure you’re doing it after you’re setup and have the proper balance — with the weight on the balls of your feet. If your weight is wrong, then you could be either too close or too far from the ball when reaching your arm out.”

Murphy says this easy test can be used for every club in your bag — so now you can see more consistency with each swing.

“Your setup is the same for every club, but your distance from the ball will be farther away with longer clubs because of the length of the club,” he adds. “So I encourage students to check if they’re standing too far from the golf ball by using this quick tip. Before they know it, a lot of their mishits often disappear!”

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