How to read greens like a pro, according to Top 100 Teachers

These are the best ways to read greens like a Tour pro.

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Reading greens is a skill that’s not always easy to pick up. It takes tons of practice (and experience) to become a truly great green reader. So, what’s the best place to start if you want to read greens like a pro? We asked a trio of GOLF Top 100 Teachers for their insights.

Tony Ruggiero

“Begin taking things into consideration as you’re walking toward the green. Don’t wait until you’re on it. Often, you’ll see nuances in break and slope better from 30 to 40 yards than from behind the ball.”

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Todd Sones

“Ask yourself this question: Which way would the water run off if you soaked the green with a hose? There’s the break.”

Jeff Warne

“Look for clues around the green in addition to on the green itself. Hills are obvious, but, like Todd said, imagine if you were the architect — where would you not want water to drain? Like into a bunker. That’s usually a high point.”

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