Should you *always* use a tee on a par 3? Top 100 Teachers explain

Should you use a tee when you're using an iron on a par 3? A trio of GOLF Top 100 Teachers share their advice.

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Irons are meant to be hit off the turf, but from the tee box, is that the best idea? We asked a trio of GOLF Top 100 Teachers for their advice.

Tony Ruggiero

“Absolutely, for every club that isn’t a wedge. It instills confidence and makes it easier to catch the ball solid.”

brian manzella demonstrates swing
The proper way to use your wrists in the swing, says Top 100 Teacher
By: Zephyr Melton

Todd Sones

“Yes, but barely — like the ball is lying in the first cut. Unless you’re into the wind. In that case, play it off the turf and, in the back of your stance, grip down and finish low.”

Jeff Warne

“Yes! Careful, though: Don’t tee the ball so high that it forces you to swing differently than if you had a perfect fairway lie.”

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