Use this drill to develop a more stable lower body in the putting stroke

A stable lower body is key for a consistent putting stroke.

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Sometimes it takes a quick and easy drill to help you feel what it’s like to properly separate your upper body from your lower during the putting stroke. You probably know that the lower body ought to remain as stable as possible, but even armed with that knowledge it’s easy for players to forget or fall back into bad habits.

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To help remind yourself to keep your lower body still while using your upper body to drive the putting motion, grab a golf towel and roll it up tightly like a scroll. Place the rolled-up towel beneath the arches of your feet and get into your putting stance. You’ll see that having the towel under your arches creates instability, which forces you to hold your lower body more securely and will allow your upper body to move the putter freely back and through.

By simply making your lower body more aware of its need to be stable, you’ll find yourself developing a much more repeatable and consistent putting stroke.

James Sieckmann operates the Shadow Ridge Golf Academy in Omaha, Neb.

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