Tiger Woods’ coffee order sounds ‘extra’ but is actually delicious

Tiger Woods' coffee order is actually pretty good

TIger's go-to coffee order is extra, but is it the GOAT of coffee orders?

Rachel Bleier

For most of his career, Tiger Woods has been golf’s most mysterious character, carefully guarding his secrets. 

But put him in a car with Golf TV’s Henni Zuel and he spills all of his secrets, including his go-to coffee order that Zuel calls “extra,” and Tiger seems almost embarrassed to reveal.

That “extra” order? 


Nonfat latte

Double shot


It’s a simple order by Starbucks standards that will only cost you $4.75. (Note: Standard lattes at Starbucks include two shots of espresso, a.k.a a “doubleshot”)

But is the GOAT’s coffee order the GOAT of coffee orders?

Since I happen to be the resident caffeine addict and coffee connoisseur of the team, and had a 2 o’clock caffeine crash coming on, I decided to see for myself how Tiger’s order stacks up.

So I placed my order via the Starbucks app (social distancing approved), grabbed my keys and headed out to pick up my — I mean Tiger’s — coffee. 

Typically, I like my coffee with a little milk and no sweetener or additional flavors. I enjoy the occasional espresso, but I’m more of a cold brew girl if I’m being honest.

So when I picked up Tiger’s drink, I was also bracing for it to be disgusting. Pumpkin spice lattes are not my thing, so I figured my tolerance for a strong flavor like hazelnut would be low.

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As I sipped the beverage, I was pleasantly surprised. It was sweet and the hazelnut flavor wasn’t overwhelming as it sometimes can be. I’m not sold on hot coffee on a hot day, but the latte was definitely better than I was expecting. Two hundredish calories, 37 carbs and 12 grams of protein later, I’d solved my caffeine fix like a 15-time major champ.

Although, for as serious as Tiger is, I’d never guess his coffee order would be so…basic. I figured he’d take his coffee black to match his intensity on the course. But I guess when he’s waking up at 3 or 4 a.m. for a tee time, it’s nice to have something delicious waiting. 

Either way, now we know one more thing about Tiger that we didn’t before: his coffee order. 

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Rachel Bleier

Golf.com Editor