TB12’s Return to Golf program is all about building better habits

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. 

That means in three weeks you can get addicted to coffee, start waking up earlier or improve your movement patterns for a better golf swing.

Now that I’ve completed TB12’s three-week Return to Golf program, I’ve definitely formed some new habits. The goal of the program was to get my body back to midseason form despite an extended offseason. 

From the time I sent in my swing to be evaluated by a body coach through the end of the program, I’ve been building new habits and correcting the way my body moves.

The author performs an upper and lower body disassociation exercise.
The TB12 Return to Golf program gets personal, and that’s a good thing
By: Rachel Bleier

For example, rolling out my muscles with a pliability sphere before and after a round of golf combined with drinking plenty of water has improved my mobility and flexibility. This translates to a bigger turn in my backswing and just feeling more fluid overall as I swing a club. 

I personally struggle with maintaining my spine angle throughout my swing, which leads to a two-way miss. While this fitness program isn’t going to fix my swing flaws, it has definitely put me in a better position to address them physically thanks to the emphasis on core strength and stabilization

I was already addicted to coffee and was an early-riser when I started the Return to Golf program. However, I was not moving as efficiently as possible in my golf swing. In three weeks, I’ve developed improved movement patterns and a better understanding of how I need to move in the golf swing for positive results. 

This program isn’t a silver bullet that will turn you into a single-digit handicap, but it will help you correct your movement patterns and build new habits that will result in improvements to your swing, and your on-course performance will follow. 

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