The TB12 Return to Golf program gets personal, and that’s a good thing

The author performs an upper and lower body disassociation exercise.

My TB12 body coach provided me with personalized exercises to do to improve my core activation in my golf swing.

Rachel Bleier

You get fit for clubs and take lessons customized to your swing issues, all in the pursuit of a better game. 

So why not embark on a fitness program designed to help you improve the way your body moves?

That’s exactly what TB12’s Return to Golf program aims to do. 

I’ve been doing the program for a little over a week now, and after playing horribly (we’re talking topped shot after topped shot) I was ready to give my clubs away and leave the game behind. (I have a flair for the dramatic on occasion.) 

Despite playing poorly, my body still felt good. My muscles have felt looser and more pliable thanks to a consistent mobility routine with the TB12 vibrating pliability sphere. And because the workouts incorporate swinging a golf club, I’m getting more reps in and grooving a more consistent swing. 

What I really loved from this experience, however, was how my on-course performance informed my virtual session with my TB12 body coach, Randy Ashe.

The first thing he asked me when the session started was, “How did you play?”

When I explained how I topped every shot, Randy immediately replied, “Topping shots is usually a result of coming out of your posture, so let’s focus on your core and making sure you’re activating the major stabilization muscles.”

That one insight into why I was topping the ball informed my entire workout, and demonstrates the value of a personalized fitness routine. For the next 30 minutes, we worked on exercises that activated my core and glutes and focused on my ability to create separation between my upper and lower body. 

The exercises included resistance band bird dogs, Paloff hold walkouts, a rotate-and-punch drill and a one-legged balance drill. Randy chose each of these exercises specifically to help me activate my core in my golf swing, which will also help me maintain my posture throughout my swing. 

Adding resistance to a core exercise forces you to focus on activating your muscles, like you would in the golf swing.

Rachel Bleier

Randy also asked if I’d be seeking out lessons, which I absolutely am because if I top another shot, I swear …

But this question again points to TB12’s understanding that performance is unique to every individual, and that a one-size-fits-all fitness routine will only get you so far. The TB12 program welcomes the opportunity to have a swing coach’s feedback inform their approach with a client. The personalization of the workouts is the program’s biggest strength. 

TB12 doesn’t just want to get you in better shape. They want to improve the way your body moves through your golf swing so you can improve on the course. 

For even more incentive to get started, TB12 is offering free swing evaluations, and if you and a friend send in your swings, you’ll receive a credit for 10 percent off of the Return to Golf program. 

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