21 of the best feelings in golf that every golfer loves

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About this time last year, as we headed into the meat of the season and needed some good vibes to get us going, we asked members of our How To Hit Every Shot Facebook group (which you can join for free right here) what the best feelings in golf are. The responses came pouring in, and with a new golf season upon us, we thought we’d re-boot the question to our audience: What are some of your favorite feelings in golf?

Here’s what they came back with:

1. A purely-struck iron shot

Tin Cup said it best.

2. Holding a green with a fairway wood

Feels more dramatic, doesn’t it? Here’s a tip that can help with shots like those.

3. Going par-par-birdie

Oddly specific, but I like it. There’s something magical about a tour-level stretch of golf, even if it’s only a few holes.

4. Hitting a par 5 in two

Such a pro move, and an accomplishment that demands respect.

5. Striping a baby draw

Amen! Here’s a good drill which can help with that.

6. Waking up early and grabbing the first tee time

There’s something special about a golf course when dew is still on the grass.

7. A long walk with a putter


8. Being outside in the fresh air

A simple pleasure that’s still somehow underrated.

9. A good drive when other people are watching

Do these five things and you’ll accomplish that feat in no time.

10. Knowing a putt is going in the hole before it drops

The only thing better than that? Walking it into the hole.

11. Hitting the green in regulation

One of the universal signs of a hole well-played.

12. A full release on the downswng

No holding back. Here are a few things that can help you understand your release.

13. A beer with your buddies after your round

Regardless of how the round went, the 19th hole will always be waiting.

14. Taking an extra club and hitting the green because of it

This is good advice for amateurs!

15. When the divot goes flying after a pure iron shot

Another pro move. Here’s a tip to help you analyze your divots.

16. A round with your kids

And knowing, as one audience member wrote, of all the great memories you’ll form together on the course.

17. Drilling a short putt into the hole

The key is to “listen” for the ball to drop.

18. Holing-out a bunker shot

A few things that can help with that!

19. Pulling into a mostly-empty parking lot

Because you know the first tee is probably clear!

20. Knocking in the putt after a great shot

It’s only a great shot if you make the putt…

21. A hole in one

We’ll all get one someday. Maybe,

Luke Kerr-Dineen

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