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Want to break 80? Here’s a 3-step formula to achieve your goal

February 6, 2020

Breaking 80 is that seemingly mythical standard that every golfer respects, no matter how many times they may have done it. But unfortunately for many golfers trying to reach that goal, they focus so much on the number itself that they lose sight of the actual steps required.

Which is why this Instagram post from Mike Bury, whose feed is littered with a ton of fun and interesting videos (so give him a follow when you have a chance), caught my eye.

Sure, you want to break 80, but forget about that for a moment. Breaking 80 is an outcome, not a process goal. Instead, focus on setting goals you can achieve during your round. There are three of them, and if you do them all, you’ll achieve your overall goal of breaking 80.

Keep those big numbers off your scorecard!
Keep those big numbers off your scorecard!
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1. Hit Eight Greens In Regulation

There are 18 holes where you could hit the green in regulation. Your goal is to hit eight of them. Target the four par-5s, and four of the remaining 14 holes. And remember, you’re not going pin-hunting. You’re not chasing the hero shot. That’s not the goal. You’re focused only on hitting the green. Word to the wise: That almost always means aiming for the fat part of the green.

2. Have 33 Putts Or Less

That’s two putts on 15 holes, one putt on three holes. Obviously, if you have a three-putt, that requires one more one putt. But remind yourself that you don’t need to make every putt. Thirty-three putts overall, which means three up-and-downs and no three putts. That’s your goal.

3. Nothing Worse Than A Bogey

Bogeys are OK. They really are! Double bogeys — those are the killers. Know that going in, and start playing specifically to avoid them. Water short of a green on a par-4 approach shot? Put that 4-iron away and lay up short. Decrease your chances of a double bogey. Short of the green on a par-4 in three? Put your sand wedge away, grab your putter and roll it up there. Don’t let the hero shot lead to a double bogey, guarantee the bogey.