Srixon unveils new Q-Star golf balls for 2017

July 17, 2017

The newly redesigned Q-Star ($24.99) is aimed at players with moderate to average driver swing speed (75+ mph) who want soft feel, solid greenside performance, enhanced durability, and plenty of distance in a 2-piece design.

Available in both white and yellow, the new Q-Star features Srixon’s third generation “spin skin,” outer coating for enhanced control on approach and short-game shots as well as a new 338 speed dimple pattern that reduces drag and increases launch angle for optimum distance, even in windy conditions.

Like all Srixon golf balls, the new Q-Star is built with a gradient core (softest in the middle, firmest on the outside) that maximizes speed and distance on full shots throughout the bag. The lower compression of the new design provides a softer overall feel than the past Q-Star model while also reducing sidespin for less dispersion and increased accuracy off the tee.  

The new Q-Star will be available at retail on August 18th.