TaylorMade’s BRNR Mini Driver Copper | First Look

taylormade brnr mini driver copper

The BRNR Mini Driver Copper draws inspiration from the late-90s Burner line.

Jonathan Wall/GOLF

TaylorMade’s latest BRNR Mini Driver Copper could be a popular addition next week at Augusta National. If you need proof, just ask Adam Scott. The former Masters winner was recently asked in a GOLF Magazine profile about clubs needed to handle the course setup — and it didn’t take him long to bring up the Mini.

“It’s unbelievable (the TaylorMade BRNR mini driver), because so many holes pinch, turn, end at 310 [yards] and 320 now, because they’ve geared the courses for us,” Scott said. “And that’s right where the driver [dispersion] is. It’s tight. If you go back to 3-wood, you’re at 270 yards, you’re aways back. But the mini goes 300 and still in the wide part on a lot of the courses we play. That’s what I look for.”

taylormade brnr mini driver copper
TaylorMade’s BRNR Mini Driver Copper at address. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

Scott is one of the founding members of “Team Mini,” along with Tommy Fleetwood, who used the club to vanquish the Americans in Rome during the Ryder Cup. Indeed, the Mini Driver has become more than a one-trick pony for some of the biggest names in professional golf.

Initially released last year in a late-90s black-and-copper colorway, TaylorMade is releasing an updated version with fresh cosmetics and a special surprise underneath the headcover. (No, it’s not the same rainbow color scheme.)

At 304cc, the club is almost the same head size as the iconic TaylorMade Ti Bubble 2 but boasts a deeper face that makes it easier to find the fairway on low misses. The shorter shaft (43.75 inches) also affords golfers who struggle with driver control a better opportunity to square the face up with the generous profile.

The club remains a strong secondary option off the tee, but the addition of TaylorMade’s K-Sole — initially trotted out on the Ti Bubble 2 — helps the head glide through the turf, making it easier to use the Mini off the deck compared to previous versions of the club.

taylormade brnr mini driver copper
The deeper face and bigger head makes it easier to find the fairway. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

Spin and launch can be adjusted via two moveable sole-weight ports situated in the front and back. When the 13-gram weight is placed in the rear of the head, launch and spin increase. The reverse occurs (lower launch and spin) when the larger 13-gram weight is placed far forward, and the 1.5-gram is secured in the back. (According to TaylorMade, placing the 13-gram weight in the forward position reduced spin by approximately 200 RPMs during testing.)

TaylorMade’s patented Twist Face technology is added to the springy Zatech titanium face material to give it an impressive combination of speed, forgiveness and gear effect, especially on high-toe and low-heel mishits. A four-degree loft sleeve is also available to further fine-tune launch and spin characteristics.

taylormade brnr mini driver copper
TaylorMade’s throwback logo gives off a whiff of nostalgia. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

Keeping with the retro vibe, TaylorMade updated the barrel headcover with a new logo and inner lining (make sure you flip it inside-out at least once), as well as a black-and-copper UST Mamiya ProForce Retro Burner Edition shaft (X, S and R flexes) and Golf Pride TaylorMade Victory Copper grip.

TaylorMade BRNR Mini Copper Custom Driver

Drawing inspiration from the iconic late-90s Burner™ drivers, the all new BRNR Mini Copper offers a contemporary twist on a timeless design. Its distinctive copper styling, retro logos, and meticulously crafted components blends heritage and modern innovation.

TaylorMade’s BRNR Mini Driver Copper retails for $449.99 and will be offered in two lofts (11.5 and 13.5 degrees). It’s also available for custom ordering through Fairway Jockey.

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