One of the PGA Tour’s longest hitters offers insights on his length off the tee

Tony Finau has a few keys to getting exactly what he wants out of his driver.

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If you were to create a list of the longest hitters on Tour, Tony Finau would most certainly make the cut. What’s interesting is that Finau doesn’t even go all-out with the driver — a sobering realization for most golfers.

During a recent interview with GOLF’s “Fully Equipped” podcast, Finau discussed a myriad of topics, including leaving something in the tank on drives. You can listen to Finau complete interview below. But here are a few highlights:

2 smart equipment tips every golfer can learn from Tour bomber Tony Finau
By: Andrew Tursky

On swinging within himself: “If I can live around 180 mph ball speed, I’m good. I can get another 20 to 25 mph more, but I never really use that on the course. If I knew where it was going, I probably would. But I don’t have the accuracy with that kind of speed that’s required to play high-level golf.”

On launch monitor usage: “I use my Foresight GC Quad all the time. It’s portable, so I can take it to the range or on the course. I focus on launch angle, spin and carry numbers. Those are the most important to me.”

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