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New XXIO X woods and irons designed for average swing speeds

November 1, 2017

The latest X line of clubs from XXIO is aimed at players with moderate swing speeds and includes drivers ($649), fairways ($399 each), hybrids ($200 each), and irons ($200 per iron graphite, $160 per iron steel).

The XXIO X driver is built with three key technologies (called True-Focus Impact Technology), which include a larger COR area on the face, a lightweight design optimized for slower swingers, and a lightweight “smart impact,” shaft that helps encourage center contact for faster ball speed and more distance. Specific design features of the driver clubhead consist of a thin, lightweight crown, progressive CG locations depending on loft, a shallow rear section that deepens the CG for improved launch and MOI, and a rib on the sole for improved sound and feel. The XXIO X driver is available in 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5° lofts.

The XXIO X fairway woods and hybrids feature the same technologies as the driver with the addition of shorter hosels, which allow for more weight to be located low and deep in the clubhead for increased stability, launch, and forgiveness. The XXIO X fairways are available in 15°, 18°, 20°, and 23° models, while the hybrids come in 18°, 20°, 23°, and 26° options.

Like the woods the new XXIO X irons are aimed at moderate speed swingers looking for improved launch, distance, and overall performance. Available in 4-iron through SW with either lightweight graphite or Nippon steel shafts, the X irons feature titanium face inserts for increased ballspeed at impact and tungsten nickel weights in the sole for a lower CG and improved launch. The location of the weights also varies throughout the set for precise CG locations and trajectories. An XXIO X ladies line is also available and features all the same technologies as the men’s clubs.

All XXIO X clubs will be available at retail on 12/9/17.