Mizuno T7 Wedges: First Look

July 31, 2016

Mizuno’s new T7 wedges ($149.99/each) feature a similar, traditional teardrop shape as the highly successful S5 model but are designed to provide more durable, longer lasting grooves.

Each T7 is Grain Flow Forged in Mizuno’s exclusive manufacturing facility in Japan from a solid piece of steel for the ultimate in feel, but with the addition of Boron, an extremely light and strong material. The result is quad cut grooves (wide and shallow in the higher lofts, deeper and narrower in the lower lofts) that hold their edge and spin rates longer than ever.

Another unique aspect of the new T7 wedges is a graduated teardrop shape with a straighter leading edge in lower lofts (44-48) and a more rounded profile in higher lofted models (58-62). Other features include a more versatile sole grind on the higher lofted models and a choice between blue or white satin finishes. Custom stamping of up to six characters in one of 12 colors is also available.

The Mizuno T7 wedges will be available at retail on 9/16.