Vice’s new Drip golf ball is unlike anything you’ve seen before

vice drip golf ball

The splatter pattern on each Vice Drip golf ball is unique.


In recent years, the golf ball cover has become a blank canvas for equipment manufacturers who’ve chosen to inject a pop of color into their product line. Red, green, magenta, purple and pearl finishes have joined the color pallete, offering golfers more options to show their personality on the course.

Some professionals have even embraced the opportunity to use something outside of the traditional white cover, employing high-visibility yellow and colorful patterns that serve to heighten focus on the course.

And then there’s the color pattern on Vice’s outside-the-box Drip golf ball.

Instead of simply going with a solid color or consistent pattern, the Germany-based golf ball manufacturer chose to channel their inner Jackson Pollock and add a fresh look that’s based around the characteristics of spray paint.

Each Pro model ball has either neon green or red luminous color particles (in addition to black flecks) splattered all over the cast urethane cover. It’s a pattern that’s sure to garner some looks on the course. According to Vice, the splatter pattern on each ball is unique, meaning no two balls look identical.

The “Drip” appearance is only offered on the Pro (neon green) and Pro Soft (neon red) ball models. The three-piece Pro is geared for the performance-oriented, distance-focused golfer, with a core and mantle that was increased in weight to help generate more speed. The cover was also thinned out to facilitate the internal changes. Overall compression was decreased from 95 to 90 to give the ball a softer feel.

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For golfers with medium to slow swing speeds (less than 95 mph) who don’t want to sacrifice distance, feel and spin, the three-piece Pro Soft offers a 318 dimple pattern for better flight stability and more speed, and works in conjunction with a larger core and mantle.

Both Drip color options currently retail for $24.95 per dozen.


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