FIRST LOOK: Odyssey O-Works Red and Black putters

July 17, 2017

Odyssey’s O-Works putters featuring unique Microhinge insert technology have been a big hit with pros and weekend warriors alike, but some Tour players have recently requested a cleaner, simpler look at address. In response Odyssey is introducing O-Works putters in all red and all black finish options ($199 each with Winn grip, $219 with Superstroke grip), including the 2-Ball, #7, and #7S in red, and #2W, #3T, #1, 330M, #2M, and #7S in black.

The key technology in all O-Works putters is the aforementioned Microhinge face insert, which combines a stainless steel plate (with downturned hinges) with a thermoplastic elastomer layer for both outstanding feel, increased topspin and smoother roll immediately after impact. Though black has always been a popular finish choice for Tour players and amateurs alike, red was specifically requested by a number of Callaway’s Tour staff and is expected to be popular with all types of players, not just those who make their living on the greens.

The new Odyssey O-Works Red and Black putters will be available at retail on August 4, 2017.